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8, 2015)." In recent years, Americans' view on Islam became more and more negative. According to a survey by the Public Religion Research▓ Institute, 56 percent of Americans said that the values ▓of Islam were "at odds" with

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America's▓ values and way of life, and 76 per▓cent of Republicans were especially likely to ha▓ve the same opinion (www.washin


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gtonpost.▓com, November 17, 2015). The Human Rights Committe▓e remained concerned about the practice of racial profiling and surveil


an.com, November 1

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lance by law enforcement▓ officials targeting certain ethnic minorities, notabl▓y Muslims (daccess-dds-ny.un.org).Minor▓ity races were in a dire situation. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Dep▓artment of

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Labor, the unemployment rates in November 2015 were 4.3 percent for whites, 9.4 percent for▓ blacks and 6.4 percent for Hispanics. The

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unemployment rate for blacks more than doubled tha▓t for whites, and the figure for Hispanics was 50 percent higher than that for whites (www.bls.gov).▓ The unemployment rate for black college g▓raduates was roughly equal to the rate for white Americans with associate degrees (▓huffingtonpos

t.com, December 18, 20▓15). A third of Iowa's black households earned l

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